Saturday, July 21, 2018

Playing Russian Roulette

     The medical system is like playing russian roulette. It is no longer health care, but death care. They will assist you in your death plan. They'll give you a pill, medication, an operation to prolong your suffering and repeat business. When a woman can get an abortion up to 9 months pregnancy, or the removal of your gall bladder even when there are no symptoms or problems with it, when they'll always recommend medication or an operation as the first point of call, it's not health care, it's death care. And then they get paid for it. It could not stand if we stood up and said, no thank you. God has something better for me.
     There's a depopulation program in full swing. The children of today will not be able to fight back because they can't think straight any more. They are so full of toxins that have damaged them. Most have compromised immunity. Nearly every second child has something amiss. That is not coincidence, that is by design.
     The education system is also like playing russian roulette. You never know what you may learn. The system is no longer so focused about the 3 r's, but based on values teaching instead. It only takes a single generation to totally devastate that generation and future generations. All the perversion that's been introduced is only getting worse. And all the while when they are doing the 3 r's they doing it to the lowest common denominator.
     The media system is also like playing russian roulette. When was the last time you watched a wholesome and clean movie? It just gets more and more perverted with nudity, sexual innuendos, theft, violence, sin. A whole generation has accepted homosexuality on wholesale, and encouraged sex outside of marriage to become rampant, all due to all the sitcoms and movies supporting it at every turn. Every news outlet is either full of lies, or slander, or biased. Character assassination occurs daily, depending on the agenda. It's entirely godless.
     The church system is also like playing russian roulette. The tares hide the wheat. But who among them will be the wheat? Most of what passes for church is nothing like what God had intended. It's rarely based upon the scriptures anymore but rather based upon us feeling good. The old paths have been forgotten. Every man doeth what seemeth right in his own eyes.
     All these russian roulettes only have less than what God desires for us. You never know what you'll get, or if you'll come out alive if you play.

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