Saturday, August 18, 2018

My Latest Korean Find: Moorim School

These days - now that I put fb in the bin again, seem to have a little bit of extra time on my hands.  Which brings me to what have I been doing then?  Well, I discovered a new little series to watch.  We don't keep regular tv at my house at all, but we've relaxed that rule to allow Netflix at times.

If you want a SAFE viewing:  then this would include this series.  You will not be subjected to any foul language, inappropriate nudity, or any of the usual perversion found in western civilisation.  In fact, you will probably be so surprised by the lack of it, that you will never want to watch anything that comes out of America again.  You will come with me to Korea.  Subtitles are available for those of us that don't speak Korean.

ps.  don't send me emails saying how short sighted I am.  I fully realise that they have been on speed light travel to the same debauchery as America, but they managed to keep it out of this particular series - which made it an immensely enjoyable viewing.

* * * * * * *

They have a very different type of viewing.

My latest amazing little find has been:

{ Moorim School: Saga of the Brave }

I found it on Netflix.

Now, while it's like watching a really modest young love romance the basic story line will keep  you to the end.

Here is a trailer for it:

You should definitely read about here it here: wikipediaMoorim_School:_Saga_of_the_Brave

and another more interesting trailer here:

There is a little down side:  you'll be exposed to modesty, hard work ethic, and of course martial arts.  And I really, really, really loved that the students had to cook, clean, and look after themselves.  ha ha ha, oh my dream come true.  Can't wait for my students to take on that vision.  These students are basically university level, do I really have to wait that long?

But if you don't mind a little of that, you should be extremely happy to binge your way through.

Keep the tissues available.  You'll need them at some point.

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