Monday, April 13, 2015

Aesop Fables

Want to know what little extras we'll be working on this week and next?

Another new book from me.

There are 9 days worth of work inside { I only need nine days worth, after that we'll be on holiday }.  Four copy work passages, four vocabulary pages, and five creative writing pages.  I also added a matching secondary writing page in case they need the extra space for writing.

We'll start off with some reading, vocabulary, and copy work on day one. 

Then the next day we'll do the creative writing component.  It's basically a re-tell / narration asking for more details and dialogue.

Then we'll just rotate through the remainder of the fables in the pack until they are done.

I double sided printed the creative writing worksheet with some more lines/clipart etc.... just in case they needed more room for their writing.  It looks really good.

Feel free to pop over to my TpT store to find out more.  It is currently on sale for only $1.00.  Bargain, if I do say so myself.

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