Monday, July 24, 2017

Art Monday - Stubble Quail

This week another native Australian bird,

The Stubble Quail

Mine, as example...




Wondering what bird we shall do next week?

Friday, July 21, 2017

Charlotte and Her Bat Lapbook

We've made a great start to Charlotte's Bat Lapbook.

We read this book:

Colored the cover to the lapbook.

Read the passage and did the cloze activity.

Looked at some vocabulary words.

Read from this book:

Put in all the pockets....

Did some copywork.....

A Compare and Contrast
You know, I never got the hang of these until I started homeschooling my own children........yep, I got through my entire education without ever learning how to do these, or use the words compare and contrast in an essay, I kid you not.

Yeah, so this is where we are at the moment, next week we continue.....

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Art Monday - Mallee Fowl - Australian Native Bird

This week in Art we did the
{ Mallee Fowl }
Getting to know our native birds.

Here's mine.

By Hannah.

By Chloe.

By Phebe.

Yeah, looking forward to growing a nice
collection of Australian Birds.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

New Project { A Francis Bacon LA Education }

Yep.  It's as crazy as it sounds.

This brand new Language Arts course might end up only being 1 fortnight long, or it could turn out to be something entirely different.  Who knows?  But I think the adventure will be interesting to say the least.  Hopefully it'll be useful too.  :)

Let's get started!

This program works a little like the following so I offer it here as well.  I won't know how it really fleshes out until we complete the fortnight, but I'll get back to you about it.
{ Just click the page to download }

The Reading Passage
{ Just click the page to download }

The Copywork
{ Just click the page to download }

The written definitions, the sentences, and the ABC Order
{ Just click the page to download }

And finally, the cut and paste vocabulary assessment.
{ Just click the page to download }

I hope you will join us in this little adventure.
Let's get a little Francis Bacon Education.

This project is also located in it's own album up there on the menu bar.
Don't forget to check it periodically.
Thank you so much for visiting.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Inventors - Leonardo Da Vinci

Grade 5 is the year we do inventors { for the most part }.  Of course with my hop skippity mind we're liable to do them at any time.

We've done a couple already, and this week we have
Leonardo Da Vinci coming up.

I do have a paragraph writing pack for him already HERE.  It's definitely worth downloading as it has several pages for paragraph instruction.

But this week I have this one here.
{ Just click the worksheet to download }

Friday, July 14, 2017

I Managed to Get Rid of the Extortioners

but, it came at a cost.  I had to ditch my template.

I did manage to save the header, so at least there's that.

Stay tuned while I get July up and running with some new content. 

Thanks for hanging in there peoples.

Talk soon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Photobucket You Scum of the Earth

Photobucket You Scum of the Earth

It's one thing to want to be paid for a service, but it's another thing altogether to EXTORT people for money, you { insert choice insult or swear word here }.

I deleted my account.  I can't find anymore of your { insert choice insult or swear word here } links to your website from here, but still your { insert choice insult or swear word here } link remains in EVERY title on my blog.  I'm thinking that now it's in the html of the set up of the blog.......  and have no idea how to access that.

I have a whole slew of backhanded insults and words for you mob, but I am happy to know that your own actions will be the death blow to this company - all we have to do is wait it out, and watch it crumble painfully into the dark recesses of the internet to be forgotten like Angelfire et al, remember those?

You suck photo.dumb.bucket.

I'm just super relieved that I didn't use your { insert choice insult or swear word here } service to host any of my photos from my blog.


Friday, June 30, 2017

Interactive Bat Lapbook

We are really enjoying doing lapbooks.

This week Charlotte will begin a new one on Bats.  It's done in the very same format as previous lapbooks.  It's designed to take about 10 lessons.  Yep, a full fortnight - it might even take longer, depending on how many books you read alongside.


Photos of product placement
Cover page
Bat passage
Bat cloze { 2 different levels }
Bat answers to cloze
Bat vocabulary matchbooks
Bat pockets for mini books
Bat 4 point copywork
Bat 4 point writing
Bat opinion flipbook
Bat life cycle
Label the Bat
Fold up Book - KWL
Fold up Book - can, have, are
Fold up Book - book log
Compare and contrast
Bat fact flipbook
Bat coloring / craft pages

Interactive Bat Lapbook
Interactive Bat Lapbook
Interactive Bat Lapbook

Just in case you are wondering about what other types of things are in the lapbook you can easily check out previous ones to get a really good feel of what I put in them.  Additionally, you should also know, that I have been updating them if I find any errors or want to add new material.  Yeah, so there's been a few of those.  :)

And...... I'll do a follow up post with some pictures of the completed Bat Lapbook once Charlotte has some show and tell.  Keep an eye out for that!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Kindergarten and Grade 1 Spelling

One of the things that I love to do in Kindergarten and Grade 1 is to spend some time using Spelling as a way to teach and concrete in those multiple phonograms.

While it is entirely true that you could get through a complete year of spelling and multiple phonograms WITHOUT a curriculum, it just makes things a little more intentional to have the worksheets if you can get them.

At any rate, I've been slowly re-shaping and doing up some new worksheets to accommodate this years spelling.

I've prettied up the files with instructions etc.. and uploaded the first set on TpT.

A color anchor chart of the sound and word list
A black and white easy print anchor chart and word list
An easy print lined version for copywork, new word list, or dictation
2 x write the word worksheets
2 x circle the letter set to make the word, write the word
2 x choose the correct word, copy the sentences
Interactive notebook for the focus sound
Cut and paste words available
Read, Trace, and Write words with the focus sound - print
Read, Trace, and Write words with the focus sound - cursive

I do use another resource, also found in my store for the Monday portion, but I have added enough work to this file so that it can be used as a complete stand alone.

So if you are interested, please feel to jump over and check it out, just click the cover. 

Thanks so much for visiting.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

FREE The Parables of Jesus - The Lost Sheep

It's time for another parable, today: 

{ The Lost Sheep }

To download this FREE pack just click on any of the pictures above.

Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Interactive Plant Lapbook

Next week the girls will have another lapbook week off school.

The two lapbooks that we'll be doing are:




As you know I already made the Ant Lapbook, so today I went ahead and made the Plant Lapbook - so we'll all be good to go on Monday.

A cover...

What it looks like when you first open it up.
Vocabulary on the left.  I actually supplied 7 vocab words and a blank - so there would be some choice as to the level of child you were teaching to.

A cloze........ but there is a secondary cloze in the file for older leveled children.

The pockets.   I decided to add 8 sequencing cards to this pack.

Of course a good labeling exercise - as always.  :)
Cut and paste available.

Life cycle - cut and paste.
Just glue the appropriate information under each picture.

The compare and contrast exercise.
I also added a cut and paste for this as well.
If there are any other words you would like to see added to it,
please let me know, I would love to add them.

I included 3 different writing templates this time.
This is the junior one, and also shown is the copywork for it.

How it looks when you open up the 3 added inserts..
The left hand side is added at the left flap inner crease, the middle one added to the top,so it opens up from the bottom, and the third on, added to the right hand flap inner crease.

Clear as mud, sorry, but I've tried to explain how to put it together as best as I can.

The cloze and the pockets.

The drawing activity.

The little fold up books and sequencing cards.

A close up of the vocabulary words I chose for my youngest.
I'll choose harder words for the older girls next week.

Yeah, it's a bit of a solid project - because there's reading to do alongside it.

But at any rate, if you are interested,
you can pick up a copy from my store,

it's currently on sale for $2 - total bargain!!

Just click HERE to go and check it out.

Thanks so much.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That.

This week we worked out how to do our maps.

1.  Trace
2. Paint
3. Blackline

This is a combo effort with Miss 8 and myself.
It's based on SOTW 4 - Lesson 2a

Phebe and Hannah are up to lesson 10 in their Wordly Wise text.

Don't forget that you can pick up these little supplements for FREE here on the blog under the spelling tab.

Charlotte was reading this to me this morning.
I love how she is progressing.

We started a new Art project - and I gave all the girls a new little art book each in which to put it.
We'll be doing flowers.

Another new project is this little flip book that we're going to put memory verses in.

Yeah, so just wanted to do a little catch up.  :)

Thanks so much for visiting.