Monday, December 11, 2017

Grade 1 Curriculum Choices 2018

Today we take a peek in to what we've pulled out for Charlotte to do for 2018.

This is a tricky year.  Tricky because they are still transitioning to reading, and it's also where I tend to throw in a lot of random worksheets in to the mix as well.  I don't want to swamp the child in too much book work though either.  I hope my internal mother instinct and balance is working at it's optimal level.

But..... I do need to start making it a little bit more formal.... especially since she's 6 now, and we've moved back into a state that requires a yearly visit by a moderator from the Education Department.  Yep, for the last 8 years I've been entirely free, but now I'll have someone looking over my shoulder at times.

* * * * * * *

For Bible...

We'll be starting with these.  Essentially, it's copywork for character qualities.  So each day she'll come along and copy one portion into her workbook.  While the work itself is from the secular book, I do keep the christian one on hand as well.

For English...

She'll finish up Learning to Read { she's almost done and only needs to complete 2 more workbooks } and she's half way through LA 1.  We'll also keep working on phonics as well.

For Reading...

We'll continue with reading the remaining stories in her Learn to Read workbooks until they are done and then we'll move over to the Bible Blessings Readers and others.  I've got so much at this level that yes, what to choose, what to choose.  I am sure to share some of it as we move through the year, stay tuned.  :)

For Math...

She'll pick up half way through this book and continue on.... 

For History...

We'll jump to the next book in the series.  This will also cover Geography because there is a map for pretty much every single lesson in the book.  :)

For Spelling....

She'll just continue along in this book.

For Science....

We'll be starting the year off with a unit on Spiders.  I imagine it will take us about 3 - 4 weeks and after that we'll move into something else.  I have a BAJILLION science resources at this grade level, so it's not a matter of what to include, but rather, what are we not going to include.

For our Spider unit I have these 4 books pulled out and ready to go.  However, I also have a number of short passages and illustrations galore in our collective works to peruse as well.


She'll either be joining in with the girls with the following resource and other projects that they'll do, OR I'll be finding her a ton of directed drawing.  Either way, Monday afternoons will be for Art as usual. 

Looks like a lot for a little 6 year old, doesn't it?

But we can tweek it to accommodate.  That's the beauty of homeschool, being able to meet more closely to the child's needs and abilities.

I can't wait to see all the fluffies that get added in too.

As long as we don't get bogged down with too much book work we should have time for fluffies, and it's the fluffies that make life's memories and fun and probably the most learning.

Yes, so thank you for visiting, looking forward to our new school year journey.  

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