Saturday, December 9, 2017

Grade 6 Curriculum Choices 2018

Today I show you what we have for Phebe, who is 10 and will be 11 this coming year.

And memory verse work as well.  :)


For Math she'll continue working from this book.

and of course we have some little extra helps:

For History she's decided to go with MOH II.

So I printed up the coloring pictures for her.....

And some timeline pictures for her exercise book....

and some timeline pictures for her timeline book....

She'll probably read SOTW II, and The Discovery of New Worlds sometime during the year since they both fall into this time category as well.

For spelling we'll be using Noah Websters Speller.  Each day I'll dictate 10 words and those will be the words she'll work on for the day.  I have a spelling form that we use where they practice copying and syllables on it for the words they need to learn to spell.  We'll also be adding spelling and syllabification rules throughout the year as well.

For Science she'll be working on Rod and Staff 7. 

For Art we'll have these Australian Birds to do, but we also want to put our hands to some other fun things along the way as well.... 

For LOTE we'll continue on with Greek and French unless of course a miracle happens and I get a request for Latin.....

For geography we'll do some lessons from the following resource, it is highly American, so we won't do them all, but yes, we'll do the ones that are applicable or useful to us.

For Vocabulary we'll use Wordly Wise 6.

I've got all my supplements done and good to go.

Reading will continue along the same lines as usual.  She'll pick a book, I'll pick a book, and we'll just keep reading books.  I always keep a running book list here on the blog..... so if you're interested in seeing what books they've read.... to the end....just look up there on the menu bar and find the Book List tab.

I'll also be adding in some Australian studies as regular Wednesday afternoon activities.

* * * * * * *

Hannah { 8 turning 9 next year } will pretty much be doing the exact same thing except her Math is a book higher and her Science is a book lower.... other than that, I think it is identical.

Thanks so much for your visit.  :) 

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