Friday, December 8, 2017

Grade 8 Curriculum Choices 2018

Yep, it's that time of year again....  where I get to stress over what curriculum each child should have and do.....  and this year Chloe will be in Grade 8....  those years go so quickly.
First up, Bible.  We're continuing on with this particular series because she really likes it, and I like it too.  At some point during the year she'll jump to Book 8.

Additionally, she'll also continue memorizing scripture as well { not shown } with her little card box etc...

For English she'll be using Christian Light Education LA 5.  It is heavy on the grammar.  We'll also supplement with other odds and ends as the year progresses, but this is what will be in the dailies.

For Math we are going to back track a little so that we can build up those foundations and confidence.

For History this year I am going to let Chloe entirely detour with a school text book, yep, slacker that I am.  The up side is that she might end up writing LESS essays??  I dunno, we'll see how it all plays out.

And for Geography - another school text book....

For Science we're going to put our hands to Apologia....

And Bob Jones University for Literature....

For LOTE we'll continue to dip our hands into two different languages.....  French and Greek.  Still no Latin on the horizon, alas, but I am not ready to give up hoping, just yet.

For Art we'll probably put our hand in for a number of different things, but as a series, or fall back, we'll have our Australian Birds drawing that we'll continue on with this year.

For Vocabulary Chloe will be doing 'Get to the Root of It'.  It's a Greek and Latin root word program.  My only indecision is should we do a lesson over 1 or 2 weeks??    

And for Reading we'll continue along with our random selections... so long as she's reading whole novels I shall be very happy and content.  Of course I'll let her pick some, and I'll pick some.  

Australian studies will also be included on Wednesday afternoons.  I'm not entirely sure on the pathway for that, do we just read and enjoy the journey or do we wreck it with a hundred worksheets?  Any suggestions?

Yes, so this is the basic set up that we have for Chloe this year.  Can't wait to see all the little fluffies that we add along the way to help break the monotony.  And I hope we've chosen well for where she's at.  :)

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