Friday, September 11, 2015

{ Week 33 } Plus Free Printables for the Letter Hh


We are currently on week 33 for the school year.  I am hoping to get some catch up posts done of the older girls soon, since I have neglected them here on the blog of recent weeks.

But in the mean time, Charlotte does more preschool, ha ha ha.

This week I have a 19 page download for you.  { 17 pages of printables }

Just click on any of these pages to download the FREE workbook.

Practice writing the letter { h }.

I finally decided to ADD guided lines as well, for those who are ready to write as opposed to tracing.

The usual sorting between upper case and lower case.

I put 3 worksheets in there like the following.  Two in this format, and one in a reverse, where the child locates the correct letter to the picture.

A hat is also a must have.  Horses included in the file.  :o)

Then at the end of the file I also included a game board - this is the left hand side of the game.

There are a few other types of worksheets and resources in the pack as well.  I hope they are useful.

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