Friday, October 23, 2015

More Op Shop Bargains

This week I popped out for a few more op shop bargain finds to add to my personal library.

I really scored some amazing books, too many in fact to just do a single post.  The really amazing part is that I got them for 20 cents each.  Yep.   The feeling of being super blessed by God by sending me out to be in the right place at the right time.  Today I thought I'd start my show and tell with these particular ones.

I finally have a copy of 'My Brilliant Career' by Miles Franklin.

It's a gorgeous illustrated hard cover copy.

And then, voila, as I was flicking through the book and came to the back cover I discovered something folded and tucked into the back of the dust jacket.

A 1988 news clipping about the author.  { She died in 1954 though. }

"They scattered Miles Franklin's ashes on the waters of Jounama Creek in 1954, just as she had requested in her will.  About 14 years later, they drowned the stuff of her memories."

Life has a way of going on, always changing, but at least her memories of her childhood will still be there, safely written down in her book.  The only thing that remains are the mountains, all else has been changed.

Awesome, don't you think?

Also, I picked up a copy of:

Fantastic stuff to keep on the shelves for when our "moderns" aka, Australian Years come around again, or whenever the fancy takes us.

One final thing for today, a little cuteness:

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  1. That looks like a lovely copy of My Brilliant Career. I had the wrong author written down on my post by the way! Henry Handel Richardson wrote The Getting of Wisdom. I always get those two mixed up. I exercised great restraint today and only bought one book. I had three in my hands but they cost $2 each so I put the others back (I'll probably sucumb and go back and buy them another day).


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