Friday, November 20, 2015

Socrates Writing Packet

Yesterday was a beautiful day.
The sun spent most of the day shining it's warmth down on us, but that is not what made it beautiful.  The mail man came, and with him 8 brand new hard cover gorgeous books.  I know, I'm weird like that.

One of those books was about Socrates.
A beautiful large hard covered book.

So I sat down and read it to the girls last night.

Then I got to thinking, you know, as one does.
I thought it might be nice to have a little writing pack on Socrates.

So I added some informative, narrative, procedure, and opinion templates.  Essentially they are just tick lists to help build their paragraph.

I even included a Make a Scene.
My idea was that it gets used as a craft topper to any of the writing pieces.

I even thought that a plain page would work well for writing or copywork.

Then I also thought an interactive notebook page would work well for facts and opinions.
Finally and just for fun, I thought I'd add a little planner page for the narrative as well.

As an additional help I have also added a what, when, where, how flip flap book.  Just paste the left side down in your book and write your answers underneath the flaps on the right hand side.

It's always nice to empathize with people and letter writing is a good way to do that.  So I've included a page for a good heart to heart letter to Socrates too!

Yeah, so if you think that you might like Socrates to come visit feel free to click on any of the workbook pages above to download the pack for FREE.  :o)

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