Monday, December 7, 2015

Vincent Van Gogh Writing Pack

In preparation for next years Art extravaganza with Mr Van Gogh I decided to make a little writing pack to use as well.

Just click any page to download the pack.

It has various pre-writing papers to help your little writers plan their paragraph.  I'm just wondering if I should aim for older writers as well with a multi level outline?  I dunno, at any rate I've just kept it set for Grade 1 - Grade 3 range.  I figure a single paragraph is a good start there for that.

A make a scene.  The little art piece that can be attached to any of the writing pieces.  What I really, really, really wanted to do was get some of those Van Gogh coloring pages and shrink them down so that they would fit in the easel, ha ha, but yeah there's a little thing about copyrights there.  At least I can share the idea with you though.  So, just go and pick up some of his paintings in coloring form, pop them into your word documents and shrink them down.  That's what I'll probably do when the time comes.  Wondering if we might even do that with a large easel set as well.  Oooo - all the ideas.

Final writing papers.

Facts verses opinion practice.

And just in case they'd like to make a good story, a little planning page.

A letter always works great.

Finally another planning page, interactive lift the flap to help get some added details.
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  1. I love these writing packs! Van Gogh would be an excellent addition to our fine arts study next year. Thank you!


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