Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 19

Mothers Day this year was probably the best one I've ever had.  Normally we just skip on by without much of a do, but the girls wanted to spoil me, so we let them.

This week I purchased a couple of new items to help break up the monotony.

The first one was a Grade 5 Reading Daily Warm Ups.  Each page comes with a reading passage and some comprehension questions.  I don't use it like it's intended though.  What we do with them is for the child to read the passage and outline it.   At some point we will also extend that to re-writing the passage from the child's outline once we're comfortable with the level.

The book has 150 passages, fiction and non-fiction with a multitude of different types of reading.  It retails $18.99 on TpT.  Just click the cover if you want to go and find out a little more.

Daily Warm-Ups: Reading, Grade 5

Another book I purchased was the Grade 5 Science Daily Warm Ups.  Again, this has 150 pages of worksheet or activity based work.  I really like the daily warm ups because it doesn't make the children sit there for yonks to learn a new concept.  I like the idea of introducing new concepts in a brief manner.  This also retails at $18.99 on TpT.  Just click the cover if you want to go and find out a little more.

Daily Warm-Ups: Science Grade 5 (eBook)

Something I also bought was another pack in this particular paragraph writing series.  If you need a break from intensive instruction or want a handy dandy walk through, this is certainly very handy to have.  I like to offer them out on occasion to help break up the monotony.  I particularly like that it step by step, line upon line.  It gives the child a clear path and direction in which to write.

Perfect Paragraphs One Step at a Time: April Edition

In school this week Charlotte worked on this:


And randoms. { cvc a }

We also got two new phonograms to add to her flash card pile.

The big girls worked on MOH II and their Wordly Wise 5 book.

And here's one of those outlines based on a passage from the new Grade 5 Reading Daily Warm Ups.  The idea is to outline well, enough to make it possible to write their own passage.

A bible coloring page.

Saxon Time.  We've up the ante with this one.  If you get a pink slip, it's got to be fixed on the day, no more dragging lessons out over two days now.

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  1. I love how you use the reading passage as outlining practice. Kids can never get enough practice outlining, and a short reading passage is the best place to start!


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