Monday, February 13, 2017

Charlotte Update

Little Miss Grade 1 has now done the first 6 weeks.

I've tried to keep things not too overwhelming, but at the same time, give her a decent amount of school to do each day.

{ English }

Charlotte is now up to LTR 105 - which is half way through the program.  At this point I'm thinking that I'll need to start slowing it down a little - as it does tend to move along rather quickly.  She needs a little time to slow down so that she can build her fluency.  Sure, she can sound out those words in the story, but she needs time to work on getting a smooth consistency in delivery of the sentences so that it actually sounds like a story rather than a list of words.

and because she is in 105, she has also started their Language Arts books as well.

{ Maths }

She's doing awesome with it and just finished lesson 60 yesterday.  At this point we've only just introduced subtraction.

{ History }

This year I have SOTW I back out and in use, and Charlotte really likes it.  I don't make her do a ton of narrations or anything - yet - just nice and easy - listen to the story, and do a little something to leave a paper trail.

We do SOTW on Mondays and Wednesdays.

On Fridays we do a little from this other book.

{ Science }

We've moved into the next topic.  The first topic we looked at living and non-living.  This new topic we are looking at habitats.

{ Cursive Handwriting }

Yep, we've started that too.

{ Bible }

We are making some really good progress through our Bible read aloud.  This week was perfect as it coincided with SOTW!

Yes, so that is todays little catch up on where Charlotte is 6 weeks into the school year.  Obviously there's a heap of little things that round out the days that I haven't included, but I thought I'd still share some of it.  

Thanks so much for visiting. 

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