Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 11 Catch Up

Week 11 is now done and dusted.  Yay!!

We've been super busy making more progress in the writing department.  We've done a lot of work on outlining and draft work in the form of notebooking, but now it was time to start working on those Final Drafts - hence a typed up essay.  It did take about 3 weeks { 3 sittings per week } to get this particular project completed from beginning to end, but hey, precept upon precept, line upon line.

Essentially, we're using an old 1923 History school text book - since it lends itself exceptionally well to the oultining process.  Each section is conveniently divided up into manageable topics with which to outline and write a couple of paragraphs.  Once the whole chapter has been notebooked, usually with hand drawn pictures as well, we then go back to typing up their writing, fixing their grammar and spelling as necessary.

Here is Hannah's { 7 } essay on Thomas Wolsey.

In other news Charlotte { 5 } has now finished Book 1 of Rod and Staff Math.

And I still throw activities in there like this one as well.

Just wanted to document the transition to the writing and Charlottes Math to date.

I hope you are having awesome educational success at your home too.

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