Monday, April 3, 2017

Directions for Special College History Papers

Directions for Special College History Papers.

I. Make a bibliography of your subject on cards and arrange by authors alphabetically, indicating source and secondary material.
A. Make as complete a list of available material as possible before taking any notes.
B. Copy this later with annotations, leaving a line between each reference, and hand in with paper.
II. In taking notes keep in mind what you will use.
A. Follow directions for note-book work.
B. Put notes at the end of the paper.
III. Before writing, look over a copy of the “American Historical Review” for form.
IV. Make an outline of what you are to write, leaving a line between each large topic. Hand this in with completed paper.
V. In writing, try to know your subject so that you will be able to express yourself with ease.
VI. Be careful for margins and paragraphs. Write on one side of the sheet only.
VII. Leave the last four lines on each page for footnotes.
Note.—In writing footnotes, skip one line and use the last three. Make the references as definite as in note-book work. Number your footnotes from “1” on each new page.
VIII. Use ruled paper and fasten all your work together with a brass fastener.

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