Monday, August 21, 2017

Penguin Days of the Week

Today I'm sharing a Penguin Days of the Week, Months of the Year Center Pack.

I thought now would be the perfect time to add it to our little Penguin Lapbook project as an extra, on the side activity for the remainder of the month.

It comes with 2 anchor charts;
this is the Days of the Week chart.

There are 4 worksheet options for practicing the Days of the Week.
This makes it particularly useful when you need to do the activity again a couple of times.

Just print up the days of the week on colored paper and cut and paste into order.

There are also 4 different options for the Months of the Year worksheets as well.

For differentiation, just have the children write them instead of cut and pasting them.

A couple of fill in your own dates for August.

Some hand cards for ordering.  There's a 2nd set also included in the file as well.

And finally, we have a Months of the Year set of cards as well.

If you print the cards in color I highly recommend laminating them for longer usage.

Yeah, so that's pretty much it.  In hindsight I should have made this earlier in the month when I first did the Penguin Lapbook, but never mind, better late than never!

To download this file just click any of the pictures above.
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