Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Wordly Wise 6 Supplements

Yes, it's that time again when I start gathering all my little ducks into a neat little row for the next year.  In this case I'm working on Wordly Wise Book 6.  The book is fantastic and an easy program for vocabulary, but it only has 20 lessons in it!  So, what to do with the other 20 weeks of school?  Yes, you practice the vocabulary!

And that brings us to that practice.  I make my own practice worksheets.

I've done the first portion of the supplements.  These cover Mondays and Tuesdays of the prep week.

It's an 82 page book.  { And this is just the first portion }  That's 4 pages for each lesson.
2 pages for definitions, and 2 pages to write your own sentences. 
Every page is labeled with the instructions, the Grade/Book level and the lesson number.

Don't forget to pick up the first lesson in this pack for FREE.... to try out.  Just click on through the sample pictures above to where it is housed and download the preview.

And I've also completed the ABC Order worksheets as well, which as it turns out is in a separate file.  This set has 20 worksheets, one for each lesson.
Yes, so now that I've introduced my latest project be sure to keep an eye out for the remaining and final, but probably the most fun and very important portion that completes the supplements. { The cut and paste definitions }

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