Sunday, March 4, 2018

New Products in Store.... Surprise unveiling of a New Product Line

Do I tell you about the 'Australian Horse Coin Currency' or 'Horse Telling Time' Activity Centers first or the new Science Pockets instead??

I've been super busy... when the inspiration and motivation kick in you should jump to as quick as possible before it's gone again.  Life is so busy here at my house.  There is always something to do, some little distraction, and lots of work as a mum.  And sometimes we just need to enjoy the precious little babies we have in the quiet.  This week though, the inspiration has had me very busy.

Yes, so, I made a Horse { Australian } Coin Currency activity center set.  It has 135 cards to date.  That's 9 different sets in there.  Each set has 15 cards and a recording worksheet.

Australian Recognizing Currency Coin Values BUNDLE Horse

Then I also made a bunch of Horse Telling Time activity centers as well.  It has 6 activity centers in it, and a couple of recording worksheets too. I am hoping to add a couple more to the pack at a later date to complete it.

Time - Hour & 5 Minute Intervals BUNDLE

But my most exciting new addition is the introduction to my new product line:  Science Pockets.

The first pocket that I did was take my Salmon Lapbook and shrink-a-dink it down to a pocket.  Essentially it came down to a pocket with a couple of mini books, illustrated visuals, pocket title and a life cycle flip book.  

So now it will only take a couple of lessons to complete the theme instead of about 12 { that's how many lessons I have in the lapbooks }.  And it'll look great when you put all your pockets together as a Big Collection of Pocket Books.  { but I digress }

Science Pocket Salmon

And then I did a Bee Pocket.  Yes, it comes with photos to show you how to set it all up.  Now imagine the beauty of it completed.  

Super cute, hey?

Science Pocket Bee

A Science Pocket


1. Passage 
2. Vocabulary
3. Drawing Life Cycle 
4. Illustrations to cut out
5. Pocket Titles
6. Bee Hive
7. Mini Book – Bee
8. Life Cycle Flip Book

An awesome research pocket for your 2nd - 5th graders. I've tried to make it interactive, eye catching, and interesting. 

Fill your pocket with mini books, illustrative visuals, flip books and more. 

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  1. You are so creative! I love all of these sets. I agree - when the inspiration hits, run with it! Blessings to you. (The Recycled Mom from You Tube Collaborators group)


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