Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 32

Yay, it's Friday..........the end of another week.  Stop.  Almost.  I somehow got coaxed into letting the girls have yesterday off in lieu of swapping it with a day on the weekend.  Oh, so close.

In the good news department Phebe finished up her reader this morning.

For science, we are now up to Unit 6, Lesson 6 - which means that there are only 7 more readings left in the book for us to do.  We are still doing some other science workbooky stuff as well, but yeah.

Both Chloe and Phebe are up to lesson 31 in the spelling department - only a few more lessons and we'll be done here as well.  { Don't mind the mangled ripped edges and sticky - a great idea of ripping the book apart to put into a filing system before use and folder afterwards when completed; only to realise that it would work better as a BOOK instead.  ha ha ha.  So yeah, I had to sticky them back up again. }

Now, while I am cutting my spending in the school department, I haven't managed to get it to a complete full stop.  Here is a new addition to the library for this month.

A very pretty hard covered, colored pictured book.

We've had another demanding week of Maths.  Chloe rowing through her 9x tables with division; Phebe and Hannah doing carrying and taking.  I am hoping to finally go and read - to learn - how to do multiplication with the touch points.  Yeah, I know, I should of already had this conquered, so at the very least I could of taught Chloe already - since this was the year that she had to do multiplication.  Bad mummy moment.  Better late than never hey?  Hoping that it helps her in a measurable way.  I'm also thinking that it'll be good for Phebe and Hannah next year when they hit the times tables too.

This week HAS been full with lots of bookwork and out of home visits and trips.  I just seriously need to commit to taking my camera with me more often, and take more photos in the home too.  I've been getting terribly slack in that area.

Additionally: I've really been enjoying the less blogging at this time in my life.  Although, to be honest, there have been many days when I think that I could easily put together a whole string of posts, but then I remind myself that I'm having a rest season.

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