Thursday, March 12, 2015

Phonogram Rabbit

Last night I thought that I'd get up and do a post about how to teach vocabulary without a curriculum.  That post will have to wait, it will be a good one, but it will have to wait.

Today though, I got up and got me some new clipart instead, and well, that usually leads me on to other things, like: how can I use them?

I am deliriously detoured daily - ha ha ha - true story.  Sad, I know, but I'm so easily derailed and detoured.

Anyway, so here's where I got to this morning { I'll be running out the door this afternoon for a homeschooler get together so I better post it now while it's fresh. }

Perfect for beginner readers/writers.

{ Grade K - 1 }

Just click either picture to download the current pack.

When I get home and find some time I'll do up the entire multiple phonogram list and pop them in my store for super cheap.  At this point I'm also thinking of adding a secondary page to each one where some of the words can be used to write sentences.  I just need to find some relaxing quiet time to play with it all.  I probably need a few hours away from the computer to think about it anyway.  :o)

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