Friday, March 27, 2015

{ Week 13 }

This week I did a quick count up to see how many Maths lessons we've done and was super happy to find that we'd already done 65 days worth of Maths for the year, including today.  What this actually means for us, is that we are almost 1/3 of the way done for this school year.

That's a LOT of Math lessons.

For Science this week Hannah did the following work.  She did it without any assistance whatsoever.  First she outlined, and then she wrote her piece - all by herself.

The BEST moment in my life this week was this:
Noah sleeping as a real child would, in his cot, on his side.
I can't even begin to tell you how gorgeous this was.

Charlotte continues on with her tracing of the alphabet:

And finally, my dear friends, I leave you with the LONGEST sentence that I read this week:

Now Brutus, feeling that the noblest spirits of Rome for virtue, birth, or courage were depending upon him, and surveying with himself all the circumstances of the dangers they were to encounter, strove indeed as much as possible, when abroad, to keep his uneasiness of mind to himself, and to compose his thoughts; but at home, and especially at night, he was not the same man, but sometimes against his will his working care would make him start out of his sleep, and other times he was taken up with further reflection and consideration of his difficulties, so that his wife that lay with him could not choose but take notice that he was full of unusual trouble, and had in agitation some dangerous and perplexing question.

ha ha ha - true story.

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