Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 17

A paper plate craft we did recently:

* * * * *

This week we made the jump to have our online maths subscription to CTC maths transferred over to the Australian curriculum - mathsonline.  Same company, pretty much the same thing, just set for the different countries.  I figured that since Chloe is going to be doing high school { homeschool } next year I should sort of start lining that up.  

Speaking of highschool:  I already have her English and Science organised too.  The only subject I haven't settled on is History.  Should we take a detour year?  Should we do Australian History?  Yeah, I haven't settled on that one, yet.

* * * * *

Books we're reading to Miss 4.

and she did her FIRST ever test:

The older girls....
Bible - Read, Outline, Write, Illustrate { trace the picture }.

Favorite photo of the week:

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