Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 18

This week Charlotte started 102.

I added some more little fish words for her to practice with.

The older girls did some more random worksheet activities.

* * * * *

This week our little pigeon bird { wild } that sat and lived outside my kitchen window ledge every day got attacked by a cat, and so it succumbed to it's injuries and died.  It was always at risk, I suppose, being loose but so closely available to random cats passing through.  It broke all the girls hearts.  It had been an amazing pet - even though it was completely wild.  Very tame for wild.  So tame I could pick it up.  We fed it and in return it roamed the backyard and blended itself nicely into the family.  

* * * * *

How I often find the girls at meal times, particularly in the mornings at breakfast.

What I'm reading to Miss 4 this week.
The language is as of the days of old, where they actually used decent academic vocabulary.  This has caused me to love the book exceedingly.

Bible by Miss 9.

and yeah, this afternoon hoping to get the girls out to the local homeschool get together!

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