Thursday, July 14, 2016

House Cleaning

For real.

Earlier in the week I discovered Marie Kondo on one of my gallivants on youtube, so I got inspired to downsize and clean a little.  It seems that hoarders and minimized living posts also move me to clean house at a drop of a whim too.  

I started in the kitchen because that is the easiest place to tackle without having to check in with other persons.  At that time I didn't even think of doing a blog post about it, my apologies, so I don't have a lot of before photos of this weeks work.

Cupboard 1
I had a thorough clean through with this lot.  When I began it was very convoluted and filled with all sorts of things.  It was being used as a kitchen catch all.  I even managed to throw out a heap of things - like jars and lids.  Yes, lots of lids, lids I'd been keeping for I don't know what.  At any rate, now there is plenty of room in there, and it's all tidied.  It even has a bit of room to spare.

Cupboard 2
Bottom shelf
I made a little space in a corner for all my glassware with lids.  That way I can find them in a jiffy { and the lids } when I need them.

Cupboard 3
Yes, I even got into the pot cupboard.  I removed a tray of packet mixes and moved them to the food cupboard.  I managed to part with a few baking tins as well.  I also threw out some more lids and what nots.  It's all very streamlined, focused and particular about it now.

Back to Cupboard 2
Top shelf
A quick tidy up.  I moved the boxed cake mixes to the food cupboard.  Moved the plastic lids at the back out and gave it a quick wipe and voila - clean and tidy again.

End result.  It didn't take long either.

Do you have any kitchen cupboards that need a walk through tidy up?  

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