Tuesday, November 8, 2016

20 Reasons to Homeschool


    Have you ever wondered why in the world people would want to homeschool?  The world is full of diversity.  Today I give you my top 20 reasons to homeschool.

1.  Because I can.  It's very nice to have the option, not all people have this option.

2.  I like my children and enjoy their company.  I want them to like me too, so we need good quality time together.

3.  I'm too lazy to run the circus hoops and jumping of doing public schooling.  

4.  I can choose their curriculum.  We can cater it to their needs, and alternatively we can challenge them when they need that too.  There is no need to dumb down children.  None at all.  There's also no need to confuse, traumatize, provoke and frustrate their learning either.  

5.  I can choose their friends and who speaks into their lives.  It is advantageous to sift out the peoples that do not want to improve themselves or live Godly principled lives. 

6.  We have the Freedom to come and go without outside restrictions or considerations.  We can take leave when it suits us as a family.

7.  There's less time required to get the job done compared to the hours spent in a classroom.

8.  We get a private education for a public school price.  That's a good way to save money.

9.  I can have them work to their individual grade levels per subject.  Nothing like being 7 years old { in Grade 2 } and doing grade 5 Math, grade 4 English, and grade 5 Spelling. 

10.  We can deal with behaviours immediately instead of not noticing them, or having restricted time in which to deal with them.

11.  Gives time for practical real life lessons like cooking, gardening, or cleaning the house.

12.  No indoctrination of values contrary to our own.  No peer pressure from rioting undisciplined children, or pagan, heathen practicing teachers.  { just so you know, I am working on the rioting children thing........ }

13.  I get to be there for ALL their successes and milestones.  I also get to be there to give them a leg up when they need any extra personalized help.

14.  It keeps the parental authority in tact.  

15.  No need to worry about what food we can eat at lunch times.  Many schools prohibit certain types of foods that children can eat at school.  ie.  anything with peanuts, junk food etc...

16.  We can focus on proper self esteem by building confidence, not narcissism.  We can protect our children from gender confusion, and protect them from sexual deviancy.

17.  Safer at home we're there are no hidden criminals that may abuse our children.  Or bullies, both children and teachers or even the system that isn't working for the good of my children.

18.  Overall, homeschooling exhibits best interest for my children wholistically - spiritually and physically.  Homeschooling is a life journey to be lived, enjoyed and experienced, not tested to death with a pencil and piece of paper to define self value or worth.

19.  No constant harassment to help raise more money for the classroom on supplies that your child is very likely to ever get to see or use.  While we're here on money and supplies:  fill your child's supply list as per teacher request only to bring it to the school where they confiscate the entire lot and share them out like it's communistic China.  No, your child's belongings are not your child's.  They are there for the good of the entire classroom at teacher discretion.  I just wish they'd been more up front with that.  

20.  God.
       a. He gave us these children
       b. He requires that we raise them
       c. He equips the parent who steps out in faith
       d. He rewards the family
           1.  by giving protection from worldly influence and wickedness
           2.  by increasing their knowledge and increase of production
           3.  by keeping the family unit together
       e.  We can read the Bible whenever we want
       f.  We can pray whenever we want
        If you send your children to Caesar to be educated, do not be shocked when they turn into little Roman soldiers and attack you as the enemy.  

If you'd prefer to see me in REAL LIFE tell you my reasons, you can watch me do so here:

Yeah, so there you go chookies.  Just some of my thoughts on that!  What about your thoughts?  What are YOUR reasons to homeschool?

Let me know in the comments below.  :o)

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