Tuesday, November 1, 2016

School Update

Well my little chookies we've finished our school year commitment and now we'll be on holidays until January.  It's going to be LONG holiday.  In all truthfulness though they'll still do the odd thing, in particular they'll continue reading.  We'll just be dumping all the textbook/written work.  So I guess they'll still do some math as well - since they can do that online.

My baby is almost 2.  Almost.  He'll be 2 next week.
I am hoping to give him his first haircut the day he turns 2.
He's never had one yet.

Even though we are on holidays, I am not one to let good opportunities go, so...

Here's my next years planner all good to go:

I've also been particularly busy on YouTube.  I've got all sorts of things up there now:  

Grocery Hauls
Minimize Mondays
Meals & Cooking
School Show and Tell

I've just started a Weekly Update one as well.

So yes, do pop in and visit.

My YouTube Channel

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