Monday, October 24, 2016

Wordly Wise Book 5

Whoo Hoo!!

I've been working to make some extra helps for Wordly Wise Book 5 for the girls next year.

I have the first 12 supplementary lessons done already.
That is a smidge past the first half of the book.

That way both Phebe and Hannah will have some extra printables to help pad out the lessons.

Do the written definitions on Monday and Tuesday.

It works out to be a single page of work each day.

Then write your own sentences on Wednesday and Thursday.  

Finally, do the cut and paste definitions on Friday.

I actually have TWO different worksheets to make sure we cover ALL of the list words.

Additionally, I have a picture version of the first definition worksheet - and the cut and paste definitions separate - which you can print out on colored paper for prettiness, to glue on.

The following week do the work from the workbook itself. 

Yeah, so there you have it.  I'll be looking to finishing up the remaining 8 lessons asap.

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