Monday, October 3, 2016

Memory Verse Making

Here's a great way to help get your children learning scripture as memory verses.

This project will be for every Monday, under their Bible tab.

First, locate some memory verses.

I thought we'd use the ones from confessionsofahomeschooler.
I love how she had all the ABC memory verses on one page.

After that we'll be using the free ones from Simply Charlotte Mason.

Each week we'll make a new card for the next letter of the alphabet.

By the end of it they'll have lovely keepsakes and some awesome scripture in their hearts and minds.

And if you can't write or do copywork just yet, that's ok too.
We'll just cut and paste it onto your card.

They'll get stored in their own personal file boxes.
Yes, each girl has their own.  :o)

ps.  I already have a really nice stash of beautifully decorated verses from previous makings, but yes, just thought we'd take the girls back there to build their own.

Thanks for visiting chookies.  :o)

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