Thursday, December 1, 2016

Character and Commands for Littles

It's been a little while but I finally got back to working on some character notebooking pages for the Littles.  Some of them have been available for some time, but now, I'll be working to get them all completed and in sets.  Oh, I also changed one of the pages to include a Command of Christ in there as well.

You will need copies of these books to fill it in though:

At any rate, what I've decided to do was divvy up this new lot of printables into 5 separate downloads - because each download is going to be 40 pages.  Yep, that's a lot when you put them altogether.... 200 pages.   Once completed it should keep everyone busy for about 2 years of character focus.

Ok, so here's the first one.

Yeah, so click away on any of the pictures and grab yourself a copy.

And here's PART TWO - Just click on the cover to download this pack as well.

And here's PART THREE - Just click on the cover to download this pack as well.

Thanks for visiting chookies,

I am hoping to get the next one done super soon.

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