Friday, December 9, 2016

Scrappy Initial Letter Sounds

A few years ago I did an initial letter sound workbook filled with worksheets designed to focus on initial sounds for each letter but since then I've picked up some more great clipart and decided to revamp the original into an upgraded brand new work.

Apart from the new clipart all the way throughout, I also added in the additional task of writing the individual letters of each picture on the page, included more pictures to choose from, and popped in a picture key on each page as well.

So now we have:

What the worksheets look like:

Yeah, so I've popped it in the store for $3.00.
You can print them up a bajillion times for yourself/personal family/personal class, but if others want a pack, please send them on to purchase their own.

Just click on either picture to go and check them out a bit more.

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catch you later chookies.

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