Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Bee Lapbook

This week we'll be taking it easy with 2 lapbooks
{ Bee / Electricity } - it was either do that or lose an entire week to nothingness.  So I chose the former.

At any rate I decided to put my own Bee lapbook together.
{ I bought the Electricity one }

So here's how I went:

{ A cover...  }

Vocabulary words - in matchbook formats.  This time I thought to add cut and paste vocabulary with it as well.

The compare and contrast trifold on the far right flap.

Tri-fold opened up.

A reading passage on Bees. I must admit, I learnt all sorts of interesting things while researching for this project.

A junior cloze.  I did make a secondary cloze for higher leveled learners, and that is in the file as well.

Pockets........ with booklet inserts.

Label the bee.  This time I put the words into little boxes so that they could also be cut and pasted if so desired.  Additionally, I also updated/corrected the words in the box in he file.

Life cycle of the bee.
Yep, cut and paste available for this one too.  :)

Writing project.  Copywork options available as well.  Additionally, I also provided a higher grade leveled writing paper option for older students.

Drawing project:  living in the hive.

The little booklets that go into the pockets.

A view of what it looks like when you first open it up.

When I turn the passage over.

Yeah, so that's one of the lapbooks we'll be doing this week.  This particular one is for the 5 year old.  The Miss 8, 10, and 12 year olds are going to put their own together.

At any rate, if you're interested in this download I have it in my store { discounted actually } for a bargain $2.

It won't stay that way forever 
though - eventually I'll have to put it up to it's real price of $4.

Click HERE to go check it out in the store.

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