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Methods of Primary Instruction

Methods of Primary Instruction.

1. Oral presentation. These stories should be given by the teacher in a simple, animated style, adapted to the mental status of the child. They should abound in narration rather than description. Children like action. During the first two years they should be related rather than read.
2. Illustrations. Frequent use should be made of blackboard illustrations. Printed pictures, objects, etc., should also be used.
3. Construction. Children should do constructive work along lines suggested by the lessons—draw pictures, make log houses, bows, arrows, wigwams, etc.
4. Reproduction. The stories should be frequently repeated by the pupil until they are thoroughly mastered. They should also be reproduced in written form as soon as the child is sufficiently advanced.
5. Note books. The children should copy their stories after they have been corrected into their history note books. Neatness should be emphasized.
6. Memory work. The children should memorize historical poems and brief extracts from historical literature, which are thoroughly comprehensible to them.
7. Reading. The children should be encouraged to acquire new facts for themselves from books that are easily comprehensible to them.
8. Reviews. There should be frequent reviews. These exercises should be varied as much as possible and should be often held at unexpected times. Call on different members of the class to tell of their favorite characters; give characteristic incidents not already related, in the life of a person, and let the children guess who it is; let them guess what certain pictures represent, etc.
9. Rewards. The child should be occasionally rewarded with something to read about his favorite character. Reward the mind, but do not permit it to be surfeited.
10. Problems. In the latter part of the primary course special attention should be given to historical problems. See McMurry’s “Special Method in History,” pp. 66-74.

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