Monday, July 3, 2017

Directions for History Papers

Directions for History Papers.

Preparatory Department.
I. Do not crowd the top of the page or begin to write before the first ruled line.
II. The first page should contain:—
A. The subject of the paper.
B. Books consulted.
1. These should be arranged alphabetically with a line between each reference giving:—
Author. Book. Pages read.
2. The student will need to read many more pages than she intends to write in order to get enough good material for the paper.
III. The second page should contain an outline of the paper, with important points in large topics and minor points in sub-topics.
A. Leave a line between each large topic.
B. Have each sub-topic indented and equally distant from the margin.
IV. Try to know your subject so that you will be able to express yourself with ease.
A. Write a brief paragraph of introduction.
B. Get your facts from books, but tell them in your own words.
C. Give most space to what is most important.
V. After writing your paper, add definite references in the margin to the sources from which you gained your material, giving author, title of book underlined, and pages cited.

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