Friday, June 30, 2017

Interactive Bat Lapbook

We are really enjoying doing lapbooks.

This week Charlotte will begin a new one on Bats.  It's done in the very same format as previous lapbooks.  It's designed to take about 10 lessons.  Yep, a full fortnight - it might even take longer, depending on how many books you read alongside.


Photos of product placement
Cover page
Bat passage
Bat cloze { 2 different levels }
Bat answers to cloze
Bat vocabulary matchbooks
Bat pockets for mini books
Bat 4 point copywork
Bat 4 point writing
Bat opinion flipbook
Bat life cycle
Label the Bat
Fold up Book - KWL
Fold up Book - can, have, are
Fold up Book - book log
Compare and contrast
Bat fact flipbook
Bat coloring / craft pages

Interactive Bat Lapbook
Interactive Bat Lapbook
Interactive Bat Lapbook

Just in case you are wondering about what other types of things are in the lapbook you can easily check out previous ones to get a really good feel of what I put in them.  Additionally, you should also know, that I have been updating them if I find any errors or want to add new material.  Yeah, so there's been a few of those.  :)

And...... I'll do a follow up post with some pictures of the completed Bat Lapbook once Charlotte has some show and tell.  Keep an eye out for that!

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  1. Hi Deborah
    I really enjoyed reading your post and followed the links to some of your other lap books too. You do a great job with these...inspiring!
    Julie :)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage


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