Saturday, June 3, 2017

Interactive Ant Lapbook

Well, the week is moving along nicely and productively.

I've just finished making this little resource for when we hit up Ants.

A cover for our lapbook.

When you first open it up you have the flaps on either side and the passage on the first left hand insert.  The insert is cut to 8 inches, which is just a smidge thinner than your normal A4 size so that it will fit nicely inside.  I taped it to the left hand side flap in the crease so it just looks like an added page.

I chose these 4 words for vocabulary.  Who knew they molted along the way?  Or regurgitate their food to feed the young?  I've included cut and paste options for the vocabulary as well.

It's always a good idea to do some comparisons and contrasting - how are ants and spiders alike, how are they not alike, and how are they the same?

When you turn the passage over the underside has the cloze.  I also included a higher leveled cloze for older children in the file as well.  The pockets are on the underside of the label the ant activity.

What the lapbook looks like once you open it up entirely.  As you can see there is a middle lift up insert as well.

On top of the lift up third insert is the life cycle with cut and paste options available to glue in.

In the center we have the writing activity.  There is a copywork option available if your little is not up to composing their own sentences yet.  I have also included a higher leveled writing paper set for older children in the file. It's super cute because I added some more clipart to it.

This is the underside of the lift up insert in the middle.  Just draw the inside of your ant nest.  Always a fun activity.

The pockets all together.

The little books that go in the pockets.

Labeling the ant activity.  Cut and paste if the child is not up to writing them all out by hand.

So yeah, I am really happy with the formats of these lapbooks that I am looking to add a whole stack of different ones as we go along.  It's awesome that Charlotte is only 5 and I've got the next couple of years to do a whole stack.  Oh, and don't forget Noah - he's 2.5 already so they'll be great for him too when he starts school.

At any rate, if you're interested in this download I have it in my store { discounted actually } for a bargain $2.

It won't stay that way forever though - eventually I'll have to put it up to it's real price of $4.

Click HERE to go check it out in the store.

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