Thursday, June 15, 2017

Interactive Plant Lapbook

Next week the girls will have another lapbook week off school.

The two lapbooks that we'll be doing are:




As you know I already made the Ant Lapbook, so today I went ahead and made the Plant Lapbook - so we'll all be good to go on Monday.

A cover...

What it looks like when you first open it up.
Vocabulary on the left.  I actually supplied 7 vocab words and a blank - so there would be some choice as to the level of child you were teaching to.

A cloze........ but there is a secondary cloze in the file for older leveled children.

The pockets.   I decided to add 8 sequencing cards to this pack.

Of course a good labeling exercise - as always.  :)
Cut and paste available.

Life cycle - cut and paste.
Just glue the appropriate information under each picture.

The compare and contrast exercise.
I also added a cut and paste for this as well.
If there are any other words you would like to see added to it,
please let me know, I would love to add them.

I included 3 different writing templates this time.
This is the junior one, and also shown is the copywork for it.

How it looks when you open up the 3 added inserts..
The left hand side is added at the left flap inner crease, the middle one added to the top,so it opens up from the bottom, and the third on, added to the right hand flap inner crease.

Clear as mud, sorry, but I've tried to explain how to put it together as best as I can.

The cloze and the pockets.

The drawing activity.

The little fold up books and sequencing cards.

A close up of the vocabulary words I chose for my youngest.
I'll choose harder words for the older girls next week.

Yeah, it's a bit of a solid project - because there's reading to do alongside it.

But at any rate, if you are interested,
you can pick up a copy from my store,

it's currently on sale for $2 - total bargain!!

Just click HERE to go and check it out.

Thanks so much.

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