Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Teacher Planner.....

Which is really just a book for box ticking as it turns out.  I like it that way though.  It just seems to be something that I really enjoy doing.  This is how I keep track of the subjects that we've done each day.  It definitely helps keep us on task.  You'd be quite surprised at how well it keeps things focused and going.

{ I just used some super nice scrapbooking paper. }

The inside front cover:
I gave myself a coloured version.  The green weeks are our weeks off.  The red is for the end of year holidays.  Basically it goes 6 weeks on, 1 week off.  Of course I started the school year early { again } so I'll have that extra week up my sleeve if I ever want it.  And just because it's all planned doesn't mean I have to stick to it.  I'm still flexible enough and can jiggle a week or two here and there if I feel we need it.

The left hand side.
This year I've added Charlotte to our little school. I didn't know what I'd actually be giving her for school - so I just left the subject areas blank.  I'll just fill them in when / if we do any.

I can also write notes underneath, and I do sometimes.  Things I need to remember, need to print, or want to try.

The right hand side.
I write what week we are doing and what month we are in.  Then underneath that I write the actual number of the day so I always have the "date" handy.  Then as the children progress through the day I just tick things off.

At the back of the book I have my forms to keep track of the girls Saxon scores.

Are you addicted to box ticking as well?

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