Saturday, January 17, 2015

Preschool { Week 4 }

Wow, now this is one of those weeks in History for Charlotte.

I've got a number of draws filled with random children's books that I just keep around for the girls for fun.  She found this particular book to be very interesting and came running to show me something extremely excited.

What was so important?  Yep, you see that little boy sitting on the toilet?  Yep!  He had caught her eye.  It inspired her so much that she had to go and try it out for herself.

And you know what?  She really did!

So her princess music making potty became a foot stool and the potty ring took it's place in the palace loo instead.

In the academic department this week:

Cut & Paste alphabet sorting for the letters /a/ and /m/.

Charlotte tried a new activity.

Ummm, well, yeah.....  more mess at this point I think.

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