Friday, February 20, 2015

{ Week 8 }

This weeks update is going to be short.  I'm totally exhausted.  Life is overwhelming.  My work load is continually full.  I don't think I'm getting enough sleep.

Miss 7 and 5 have gone back to copywork.
Miss 9 continues on with Writing with Skill.

Both Chloe and Phebe got their best score for the year this morning.

The girls read 3 lessons from MOH throughout the week.  Then they gave a short writing about their reading in their books.  Can I just tell you that some of that writing is totally illegible, spelt incorrectly, and is just straight out tardy.

Pretty much the same type of work as the history, except from their science books.  I'm not really complaining, but I just want to make a note of it so that I can find some time to get it improved.

I feel that we are making more progress with the Math.  The routine for it is coming along nicely.

I've got all my boxes ticked for this week - but there were a couple of days that I thought it might not happen.

Additionally, this week I canned up two separate days on green apples.  One lot went into the pressure cooker and the other I water bathed.   In future all my green apples will be water bathed.

The girls also got to go out to this weeks homeschool get together.  For some reason I didn't think to bring their floaties/swimmers and as it turned out there was swimming involved.  Never mind though, because they just stripped down to their underware and jumped in anyway.   I do have to confess that I was totally stressed since none of them are good swimmers and the baby kept a lot of my focus as well.  Going out is a bit stressful for me generally anyway.  But hey, this year I'm really going to make an effort to get these children out and about!!

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  1. I hope this week is better for you!! As always I appreciate seeing what you guys get up to.


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