Saturday, February 7, 2015

What Motivates Us?

Food for thought:

Super interesting.

1.  Autonomy
2.  Mastery
3.  Purpose

Now imagine putting that into our homechools.  All we'd have to do after that is sit back and wait for the Einstein moments and capture them on our cameras.

* * * * *

Which reminds me about a book that I purchased last year:

The Self Propelled Advantage

{ Just click the picture to find out more. }

The Self-Propelled Advantage

You can check out her blog HERE.  I highly recommend a visit.

Now that I'm thinking about it even more: which I might add, sounds incredibly and very much like, but in a succinct kind of way, the three listed points above.  I highly recommend the book as a pick me up, thought provoking, awesome encouragement for any homeschool.  Additionally, Joanne also talks about the part that character has to play in all of it too.

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