Saturday, May 30, 2015

{ Letter f }

This week Charlotte worked on the letter { f }.

{ f } is for fire,



and more fish.

Worksheets.  This week we also did a game board.

And some counting.

You can get a copy of these counting cards { to 10 } for FREE from my store.  Just click the card below to go there and get them.  I've had my set for years, but they've kept so well because they are  laminated.  I use laminated cut out pictures as the manipulative counters, but other things will work too.
Counting Charts
Hannah decided that she wanted to join in and color too.  Sorry you all missed out on photos of the hats this week.  :o)

Charlottes current set of flash cards that she practices as often as I remember.  I try daily.

This weeks worksheet share:

Don't forget to click on both of them separately to get both sets.

I've got some { more than 30 } worksheets here in this pack.

{ Ff } Letter of the Week

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