Saturday, May 16, 2015

{ Letter m }

This week I decided to do a letter that Charlotte was already pretty familiar with,
the letter { m }.

Charlotte loved this page.  It was easy, and fun for her.

See the little girl mermaid?  Yep, that's Charlotte, if you ask her!

This turned out to be a little harder than we thought
{ fine motor grasping skills need to be developed }.

A new activity; roll the die and trace the letter that corresponds to the die.  When all the upper OR lower case letters are done, the game is over - regardless of the remaining other case.

Just practice pages.

I LOVED that I just gave this following worksheet to her WHOLE and she went off and this was the result:  completed without assistance.  Yay~!!

A few more practice pages.

A little flip book.

Inside:  paste the correct picture and write the letter { m }.
What you can't see is that I wrote a { m } in silver pencil for her to trace.  :o)
That's how she managed to get those m's looking so good.
It's all about helping them have "successful" learning.

This weeks worksheets, just click each one to download.

This week I've also included a page for "stamping" the letter { m } too.

And yep, you won't believe it, but I managed to make 6 pages for cut and paste this week.


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  1. Thanks for the freebies! We appreciate them so very much!
    Here is a post about the letter C freebies:
    Little Busy Bee enjoys the printables a lot!
    CCH Learning

  2. Way to go Charlotte. We need to work on some fine motor skills here too.
    Thanks for the worksheet downloads!!



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