Saturday, May 9, 2015

More Bargain Book Finds

I found these two Roald Dahls for a dollar each.

Perfect, mint, unread condition.

I also got these two books - 50c each in my wanderings.

Sometimes I really have to wonder why people by books.  Do they buy them with the best of intentions, but never get to reading them?

Another mint condition, basically unread book.

I did laugh at the content though.  The book LOOKS like it's designed for adults, but he writes as if it's for children, short, very short easy to read chapters.  It's quite a lengthy book too, coming to 346 pages.

I also found this gorgeous little { A4 sized } book too:

What caused me to purchase this book were the gorgeous full color photographs throughout.

  In addition to the flowers, were the copious beautiful nature study sketches.  What better way to inspire nature drawing than with high quality examples.

A lovely bargain for only $2.00.  Yep.

What book bargains have you had lately?  Do tell.

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  1. Love the books. Especially the wildflower one, what a bargain!!
    I really need to visit the 2nd hand shops around here to see if I can find any good books.



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