Tuesday, June 16, 2015


This was my view from the lounge room to the dining room the other night after I'd called it a day and sat down to relax.

Little Noah is super cute.  A handful.  A lot of work.

  But super cute.

What the girls are reading this week for fun:


What Charlotte worked on this week:

She wanted dinosaurs this week, as opposed to mermaids last week.

and she tried this out too, mostly so we could use those dab makers.  ha ha.

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To infinity and beyond.


  1. The view from the loung room to the dining looks pretty good. I've got clothes hanging up obstructing our view.

  2. We love those Dab dot markers!! Your house looks so clean :-)
    Noah is getting so big, and he is just too cute. I love his little outfit!!
    I wish you had stopped in on your way to qld too. One of these days we have to catch up!!


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