Sunday, June 28, 2015

{ Week 24 }

Yesterday I went down to Melbourne for the CHESS seminar.  It was my first day away from baby Noah.  He did well, I did well.

One of the catches for the day was this:

I'd been needing it for Chloe.  It's on the Grade 5 science reading list on Ambleside Online.  I do have a pdf version, but she hadn't started it yet.  It's always best to grab a printed book in preference to having to print them out if you can.  They just take up less room on the shelf.  So I never even hesitated when I saw it in the box.

Another thing I picked up was a new set of flash cards.  Now, it is true I already have a set but they are 19 years old.  They're the old ones that don't have all the RULES on the back.  So, I thought, for convenience sake, I'd get a new set.  I am big on phonics the spalding way and since LEM have based all their stuff on the same, I know it'll be super useful and handy to have for Charlotte and when Noah comes on up.

Also, while there I picked up these 3 books for the precious price of $2 each.  It's like reading their website without having to go there.  I do not subscribe to all their teachings, but I still like to glean from them from time to time.

* * * * *

This week I want to do an update on where we are with our History and Geography.

We continue on with MOH I.

We did skip a few lessons here or there but the last one we did was lesson 96.  Some days the girls have trouble with writing, but I continue to ask them for a basic skeleton outline and a paragraph or so on each passage that they read.

Did I ever mention that both Chloe and Phebe have READ SOTW I this year?  They read it like a novel.

For Geography we continued on with our Country and Flag study.  I continued to source their maps via google.  { So handy, I tell you. }

The girls are really LOVING this subject.

I think we MIGHT do some Earth Science when this subject is finished.  Haven't prepared anything just yet, but I do have a nice little book that we could base things from.  I dunno.  I'll let you know when and if we ever get there.

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  1. Flash cards with the rules on the back...I like that! That is the kind of thing I made for myself when my oldest was first learning to read, but I would definitely go for a set of cards like that if I ever need them again =)


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