Saturday, October 14, 2017

Columbus Day

I know, I'm late..... 
but better late than never....
or maybe we could just look at it like this:
we're early for next year, right?

Truth is, I did use these resources this year, I just didn't get them to the store in time before Columbus Day though.

We started out with 2 reading passages - which I read to the girls.

One was out of an old book I have on the shelves, the other passage was from here:

The Discovery of New Worlds Christopher Columbus

We put our vocabulary words into our notebooks.

Then we matched up our definitions with the vocabulary words.

Then we worked on the worksheets from here:

Columbus Test Time
 This one is Charlotte's page.

Yeah, so not too much, but just enough for a quick easy lesson.

In fact, we used it as our very last lesson of the year.

Did you do Columbus Day this year?

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