Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Interactive Sea Turtle Lapbook

We are still enjoying making our lapbooks.  With every one I do they seem to improve.  I now have a Life Cycle Story with this one and comprehension questions too.  I'm entirely running out of places to put all these pieces.

As always, a cover.

A compare and contrast venn diagram.
Don't forget the option to cut and paste is also provided.

How it looks when you first open it up.  Both passages are placed on the left hand insert.  What you can't tell from the photo is that the top passage is actually 3 pages.

The comprehension layered over the cloze.
There's 2 pages for this.

The cloze that goes under the comprehension.
This is the underside of the passages.

The second insert with the pockets and the compare and contrast on the right hand flap.

Up close on the pockets.  I've actually got 6 to choose from, but yes, you only do 4 of them.  Just choose which ones.

When we turn the pocket page over we discover the life cycle in the middle and the label activity to the right with the remaining vocabulary words underneath.

The labeling activity comes with cut and paste words - but they were taken off when I put it in the lapbook.

When you lift up the life cycle you find the writing paper for the copy work or freestyle writing.

Underneath - the second page.
There is another option for more junior writers in the file.

And of course, Art opportunities.  Draw or trace or cut and glue.

Paint, or color, or oil pastel underneath.

See, the labels for the labeling activity.  :)

The cut and paste available for the life cycle.

Vocabulary on the front left hand flap.

The copywork available.

I just made a little pocket to house them in under the compare and contrast.

Real life cards for one of the pockets.

Some more sequence cards.

One of the pocket flap books.
Something to keep track of where you do your reading for the topic.

A paragraph walk through.  By the time the child has used this flap book they've written a paragraph.

A tri-fold can, have, are...... which slips into one of the pockets.

And on the backside we have a circular life cycle illustration.

This is a very, VERY full lapbook.

There is even a wordsearch in there too - goodness knows where we will put that, but yes, it's in there anyway, nonetheless.

{ 12 Activities }

Yes, so I am super happy about how this one came out as well.  The girls and I are currently working through it already.  It is designed to take 2 weeks, but it might take us a little longer, depending on how many extra little crafts I add and what we read.

I do have a walk through on how to make the lapbook base HERE.

And a walk through on how to put this lapbook together HERE.

It's currently on SALE for a bargain $4 HERE.

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