Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How to Teach Your Child to Write an Informational Paragraph

Today we are back with our 4th paragraph formula walk through.

So far in this series we have the:

Opinion Paragraph

Narrative Paragraph

and today we shall do the Informational Paragraph.

This particular paragraph is set up exactly like the previous paragraphs except that the focus sentences are based on facts.  If you are new to this series I highly recommend checking out those previous formulas first.

Essentially, our paragraph formula looks like the following.

I.  Main Idea / Topic - a sentence about the subject
                   a.  Fact sentence
                   b.  Fact sentence
                   c.  Fact sentence
                   d.  Fact sentence
                   e.  Conclusion sentence based on the facts

We not only use this particular paragraph structure for animal study in the early grades but also for our Science and History essays as the children get older in the higher grades.  It lends itself to a lot of useful work in the writing department.

And yes, I also have a quick video walk through here:

Thank you so much for visiting.  I hope these little formula walk throughs help you with your children's beginning writing.  

I look forward to adding more How To.... video's soon.

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