Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Pack: Multiple Phonogram Spelling Worksheet Pack - OU

As it turns out I discovered that we needed to re-visit this particular phonogram again.

I didn't mind.

I loved that idea.

It works out great for not only me, but for you too.

Multiple Phonogram Spelling Workbook - ou

Inside you'll find a color anchor chart, and a black line anchor chart, which I use as an assessment at the end of the week where I let the child color in the words that they can read without assistance.  I've also included a dictation/new list/copywork page.

Then the daily worksheets begin.  The first one is just writing the word to the matching picture. 

Following on we have worksheets where the child circles the correct sounds to make a word and then writes the word.  The next worksheet set is where the child selects the best word to complete the sentence and then does copywork with it in the bottom half of the page.  

And for fun I also included an interactive notebook page for those who keep interactive notebooks.  There are cut and paste words to assist in the lesson.  Instructions are given as well.

Lastly, there are the read, trace, and write pages for all the words/pictures introduced.  There is a print option, and a cursive handwriting option for each set of those.

Here's the introductory video that I did for this worksheet pack:

For more information on the products themselves, just click on these covers and the link will take you there:

Multiple Phonogram Spelling Workbook - ou

Multiple Phonogram Spelling Workbook BUNDLE

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