Thursday, January 4, 2018

We Started our Spider Unit

We made a good start to our Spider Unit for the month of January.
Charlotte worked on her cover page for the lapbook:

I read her the fact passage and then she filled in the cloze for it.

Then she ordered the Days of the Week cards and did the cut and paste for them as well.

This is the first book that we'll be reading.  It makes for a great introduction.

We also did our Spider poem this week as well.  Well, I read it and she colored it.  The amazing thing is that when I was reading it to Charlotte, the other girls got super quiet and listened in.  In fact, two of the girls actually came up close to me so that they could listen even more carefully.

Don't forget, you can pick up this poem as a printable for FREE - HERE

We also worked on 4 of the vocabulary words too.

Yes, a great start to our Spider unit.  :)

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